Rugs are a great addition to pretty much any area in the house, soft rugs or plush rugs even flat weaves are always a plus. A wonderful, rug can cover up cold wooden floors ,marble floors or tiles and bring more personality to the room making them look warm elegant , giving warmth and identity to the room.

It’s also good to know that some of these materials are synthetic while others aren’t. While reading through, think about what rooms of your house could use a rug made out of these materials. You probably won’t use the same rug in your bedroom as you would near the front door or outside.

This is a fairly common question for rug owners. Understanding which materials will work best for your needs allows you to make the best decision as a consumer. The feeling of a cozy,  rug between your toes or under your feet is incomparable. Let’s take a look at rug materials.

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Wool is one of the most common and the best rug materials and Fire resistant. Wool’s inherent chemical structure makes wool naturally flame resistant. It is a highly trusted natural fibre in public areas such as hotels, aircraft, hospitals and theatres. Whilst cotton catches alight at 255°C, the temperature must reach 570-600°C before wool will ignite; while polyester melts at 252-292°C and nylon succumbs at an even lower 160-260°C, wool never melts so it can’t stick to the skin like many common synthetics.

The great thing about wool rugs is pretty easy to clean. Wool fibers have a natural protective outer layer that helps prevent stains from being absorbed. And because wool tends not to generate static, it attracts less dust and lint. They are Hypo allergic also.

Wool rugs make great area rugs for living rooms, basements, dens in fact barring outdoors and moisture areas they are perfect for every area. Further in today’s climate changes they are perfect as 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, recyclable and is one of the most recyclable materials in the world. It is wrinkle resistant and bounces back into shape as it were.

Wool is an active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature. So it helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot Wool rugs can last up to 50 years when taken care of properly. They’re good for the environment and all natural. This material is also dust-mite resistant. Sure, they’ll pick up some things here and there but when compared with other rugs they fight dust-mites off fairly well.


Cotton is another very common rug material. Cotton is known for being extremely soft and cozy on any fabric it’s used for. It works perfectly for rugs and doesn’t allow for as much shag and shedding as wool. Cotton rugs come in a variety of different designs and sizes. For some, they work best as bedroom rugs making the room cozy and warm.

When purchasing a cotton rug, consider whether it’s washable, how it was made and where it was created. These factors influence how the rug will look and hold up in your home. The best thing about these rugs is that they can create a multitude of different designs. Make sure the colors are fast and at least 60 degrees washable.

Some cotton rugs can be organic, woven, and paired with viscose or wool. Take a look at the many different cotton rugs before finalizing one. The most expensive cotton rugs are usually hand-woven and organic.

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Silk rugs are known for their luxury feel, look, aesthetics and luxury. Silk Rugs are some of the most expensive rugs in the world and are usually woven in high Knott ages by hand. India and Iran are two countries producing the maximum amount of Silk Rugs. Usually, silk rugs are combined with a fabric such as wool, to create better durability. You may be surprised to know that silk has been used for thousands of years. It creates absolutely amazing looking rugs and other commodities.

Silk Rugs are like wool Rugs, .Luxurious, long lasting and beautiful to the house enhancing the luxurious feel in your home. Silk is recyclable and environment friendly. Silk Rugs should handle very carefully and they can last at least 50 years. Some of the world’s biggest antiques today are Silk Rugs.

Bamboo Silk

Bamboo silk is simply the name given to a rug made from viscose, a blend of viscose and/or fiber removed from bamboo stalks. As a fiber, Bamboo is growing in popularity due to it being a fantastic renewable resource. Bamboo silk is also easy to grow, reaching up to 23 meters a year. Further, bamboo does not require replanting, making it an ideal clothing, linen and rug fiber. They are beautiful and very soft, with the look of more expensive silk. However, despite the use of the word “silk” bamboo silk rugs are not real silk.

Bamboo silk rug is highly durable and you can use it for high traffic area too. Pure silk area rug is more ideal for wall hanging because it is expensive and ideal for low traffic area. For the cleaning of a silk rug, we recommend a professional cleaning while you can clean a bamboo silk rug at your home.

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Viscose – Tencel

Viscose carpets are not static and they are very good isolators so that you will stay warm during winter. Viscose is a delicate fabric so it’s not suitable for a busy home, with lots of visitors, pets, or small children. Viscose area rugs may be a better choice for people who live alone or young, pet- free couples on a budget. Please do remember Viscose is not a very long lasting fiber and if washed to often the pile can split up. Also Viscose tends to shed a lot.

Viscose has an image, color and texture consistency that with natural fibers is difficult to accomplish. Some viscose carpets will regularly give that lavish, chromatic, appearance.

The silky, cool, breathable fiber is a natural replacement for real silk because of its affordability and performance. Regular vacuum (always raise the beater bar) and blot spills quickly- do not rub- and you will enjoy the natural beauty of viscose for years to come.


A natural fiber, made from the flax plant. It has long staple and is extremely strong. It does not absorb dyes as well as other fibers, and can be difficult to clean, making linen rugs less than ideal for regular use. However even in spite of its limited applicability it is popular in a lot of high end flat weaves and some hand knotted.

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Sari Silk

Made from the left-over fabric and thread of saris, Sari silk is an absolute gem. A sari is a four-to-nine yard length of cloth, traditionally made of silk that women in India wrap around themselves as their garments. By re-spinning the pieces of brightly colored material, the final product is outstanding in its own right.

It comes mainly from India and holds its color and vibrancy. The variegated yarns hide traffic patterns and they are easy to maintain .Soft but sturdy with a high sheen with rich, bright colors. Like silk rugs, if made of pure sari silk, they are not meant to go in high traffic areas. However, when fortified with wool, they will wear very well.


Jute is the worlds most used Natural Fiber .It is one of the most inexpensive fibers for Rugs. Jute has strong natural fibers; Today Jute has become one of the most popular materials in Rugs. The kind of weaves and designs and color’s being woven in Jute today are enormous. India is currently the largest producer of Jute Rugs. The most popular pieces are being made mainly in Flat Weave in multiple colors.
Being a natural fiber, jute rugs absorb moisture and are somewhat difficult to clean. But its strength, abundance and low cost have earned jute the nickname ‘the golden fiber’. It is easily replaceable, recyclable and Bio degradable.

It does best in low to medium traffic area, such as bedrooms, formal living and dining rooms, or a home, office.

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Sisal is a natural plant fiber derived from the ‘’Agave Sisalana’’ cactus plant-a succulent that comes largely from Mexico, Brazil &Africa. Sisal fibers, which can be up to 3 feet long, are sustainably harvested by hand from the leaves of the cactus plant. Sisal is the strongest, most durable natural plant Fiber.

A renewable resource that has boomed in demand for its natural and clean look. Sisal is normally a neutral light beige color. It is the same fiber used traditionally to make twine or rope- so its durability and strength should not be questioned. One of its natural characteristics is its coarse, sometimes prickly feeling. I would not considerate it a soft fiber but the look is organic and inviting. It is great for high
traffic area and an economical choice. You can expect 3 to 10 year with regular vacuuming- spills should be removed quickly. The biggest issue with this type of rug is liquids can penetrate the fiber and leave a stain that is very tricky to remove.


These make the perfect rug for entryways, walkways and even basements. This type of rug is sure to attract the attention of visitors. They’re one of the most unique materials on the market.  The most commonly used animal skin is a cow-hide. They’re extremely beautiful, texturized and soft. If you don’t want a patterned animal skin rug, go for one that comes in one color. This will add elegance to any room.

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Nylon is best known in the rug industry for its similarity to wool. Nylon today is not the cheap material it was. It is now available in strong fibers, stain resistant and solution dyed. Nylon is being mainly promoted by Machine Made Manufacturers in the US who are selling it as an alternative to Wool. Currently it has limited application in Hand Made Rugs as the cost goes high and is comparable to NZ wool without the luxurious feel of Wool.

People love nylon rugs for their stain resistance and use outdoors. If looking for an outdoor rug, this is the perfect material to go with. It will dry pretty quickly, along with being mold resistant. These factors also make it optimal for unfinished basements or even garages.

High traffic areas, kid’s playrooms, hallways and living rooms are all suitable for this kind of rug. They’re not the most elegant but they get the job done. This is the type of rug you put down in a home with pets and kids.


Polyester is one of the least expensive rug types available. It’s also great for dying so those who create the rugs can use vibrant colors and design schemes. Polyester is extremely soft, water resistant, and stain resistant. These factors make it the perfect rug for high-traffic areas.

Polyester is known to have medium durability; it’s expected to last 5 to 10 years with light traffic use. If your living room is high traffic this probably isn’t the material you want the rug to be made out of. The only trouble with the staining on this rug is oil spills. These will be exceptionally hard to get out.

Choosing a professional carpet cleaner is always a good idea to get rid of oil spills or any intense spill that could end up on the rug. The ideal room for a polyester carpet is a bedroom or bathroom where it won’t run into too many guests. Considering this is one of the most affordable materials out there, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they won’t uphold in high traffic areas.

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This is another example of a cheap material designed to mimic the look of wool rugs. Of course, Polypropylene won’t be as expensive as wool or cotton rugs for that matter. This makes it ideal for front porches, hallways, and other high-traffic areas. Kid’s rooms are a great room to place these in as well since they’ll be playing and running.

Polypropylene is actually one of the most used materials for synthetic rugs. Nylon rugs come in second. The feel of a polypropylene rug and the look is what draws consumers in. PP is stain resistant also.

Be aware that any synthetic rug which claims to be flame, stain and chemical resistant has been treated. For most consumers, this doesn’t matter, but that’s also why organic rugs are created and manufactured.

These rugs come in a variety of patterns, designs, colors, and sizes. This is a material which creates a rug for any age group or design preference. Whether you use it outdoors or indoors you’re sure to be satisfied with the design of polypropylene rugs.

Rugged Special Outdoor Material

The most difficult Rug to source is the one which is perfect for Outdoors. Rugged has launched a special material which is perfect for indoors and outdoors. It neither fades in the sun neither does it catch Mold or fungus in the rain. It’s easy to clean maintain and requires no special handling.

For indoors compares in softness with Silk and Tencel but is stronger and hardier then them. There are various ranges in them from flat weaves to high Hand knotted rugs to suit every area.

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