Customize your Rug

All you have to do is select a design from our collection or send us your design. Colors you can chose from Pantone or our color range from the photos on display in the whole variety. Materials are there in the product pages from Wool to Outdoor Materials. Now tell us the size and shape you want. From there on we will take it forward and explain the step by step procedure on how it will work. Let us know if you have a budget in mind and we will try and tailor the weave according to that.


Order your choice of Rug in the size design and colors you want

Select the design or design you want .Check how you want it laid out for example in a living room do you want the rug to be from furniture to furniture or you want it under the furniture. Measure accordingly, then decide the shape and let us know.

Let your creativity flow, let us help you achieve the Rug that you desire and have always wanted.

Fill in the requirements and get your custom rug

Now start filling in your requirements below, uploading the design you want ,mention the picture from where the colors you want us to select, we will be back to you in 24 hours with a revert.

We look forward to working for you to create what you want and not we want to only sell.

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Fill in the requirements and get your custom rug

    Rug Making Process