Raw Materials and Spinning

SPINNING - Rugscarpetskelims

All our raw materials are got from the finest mills in the World.We have tie ups with European ,Indian and Asian Factories with the latest technology and machines to get the best materials.

We use Polypropylene with UV/Wool New Zeland/Wool Nylon Blend/Outdoor Yarns/Nylon Yarns/Recycled petyarns/Fresh Polyesteryarns. We are always open to using the best materials .


DYEING - Rugscarpetskelims

We use Automatic Machines for Big Lots for dyeing with reactive dyes and Chrome Dyes. No Azo dyes are used at all. All Colour dyeing is fast from 80 to 100 degrees.Hand Dyeing is used for Tie Dye effect and Abrush Effect.As you can see we have got this done.


IMG 4043 - Rugscarpetskelims

Once the Yarn is Dyed we ensure all our colours are dried in the sun.This enhances the lustre and colour beauty to amplify. The Sundrying process adds to the fastness.

Hand Spinning for Handspun Yarns

DSC08338 scaled - Rugscarpetskelims

Mixing of Yarns

DSC07446 scaled - Rugscarpetskelims

Weaving - Handtufted

HANDTUFTED - Rugscarpetskelims

Weaving - Machine Tufted

Untitled 1 - Rugscarpetskelims

Weaving - Indo-Nepali

7 - Rugscarpetskelims

Weaving - Flatweave

DSC08275 scaled - Rugscarpetskelims


BACKING - Rugscarpetskelims


WASHING scaled - Rugscarpetskelims


DSC07451 scaled - Rugscarpetskelims


PACKING - Rugscarpetskelims