Hand Knotted Rug made up of saree silk, 75 knots

RU.HK-5503 / Hand knotted Rug made up of saree silk, 75 knots



This Handknotted Rug is made of Recycled Saree silk fibres dyed in the colours of the client. With its plush look and fine feel, this rug stands out on its own. It is woven in 75 knots per sq inch.

Additional information


Hand Knotted


Saree Silk


Multi color


2×3, 3×5, 4X6, 5×8, 6×9, 9×12, Customize

Delivery Time

120-180 Days


DHL / FedEx / Air freight / Sea freight

Rug Care

Your beautiful rug needs: Light vacuuming a few times a month ,rotation of rug once a month. Don’t pull threads snip,don’t rub spills blot them. Download our Rugcare E-booklet free. Light shedding is normal in natural fibers. Love your Rug!

Rug Care Brochure