Choose the Perfect Carpet for your Living Room


The living room is home to a lot of experiences. A baby might take their first steps there, or you might drink hot coffee every day in the morning with your family in the living room, or it might be the place where you cuddle up in a cosy blanket and watch movies. It might also be the place where you sit down with your clients and make important decisions. Nevertheless, the living room is a very important part of a house and needs to look warm and beautiful for your family and friends and bold and aesthetic for your clients.


A lot to think of right? We understand that, and we also know that you have figured out how important the living room carpet is for giving the living room the final warm but professional look.  So to give you ideas about how you can choose the ideal carpet for your living room, we have made a list. Read ahead to find the perfect match!


  1. Colour: This is a choice that you need to make. Go for colours that are neutral, such as grey or beige. These two never go out of style and also give a sophisticated feel. The room also brightens up. You can opt for dark bold colours, but they often go out of style and you might lose points on aesthetics.
  2. Fibre Softness: If you and your family spend a lot of time on the floor, or if you have children, especially babies at home, then this is a criterion you need to consider. Go for a soft material as it makes the carpet comfortable for use. Residential Carpet Manufacturers often use “memory foam” to make the carpet both soft and durable.
  3. Carpet Construction: This impacts a lot when it comes to looks. Construction factors usually include two,  pile and style:
    1. Pile: These create a pattern. There are several options such as cut or plush piles, uncut or looped piles, pattern piles (which are multiple loop piles) and cut plus loop pile.
    2. Style: These include smooth, shag, texture and twist. Go for smooth if you want a professional look and shag and twist if a casual look is desired.
  4. Durability: This is also a factor that is to be considered as living room rugs undergo most of the wear and tear. Make sure that the rug is durable enough to endure the high traffic and go for ones that come with a good wear warranty. A quick check system could be bending the carpet backwards. If it shows the bend, it means that the carpet is low quality and will tend to break and wear fast.
  5. Fibre: Along with durability, also check this factor before making the purchase.
    1. Nylon: This is one of the most durable materials for carpets but should be sprayed with a stain protector often.
    2. Polyester: This is stain resistant and also feels very smooth and soft. However, it isn’t as durable as nylon and is hard to clean.
    3. Olefin: Just like polyester, olefin is stain resistant and is soft to touch. The plus point is that it is also easy to clean, but isn’t as durable as nylon.
    4. Triextra: This is a new fibre and is made from corn sugar. It is stain resistant and is also resilient. Triextra, however, has just entered the market and hence cannot be compared as of now.

These are five points which we think are important to consider to end up with the perfect living room carpet. How do we know this? Because we are Rugs Carpet Kelims, a company which deals with living room rugs and have studied the market thoroughly. Abide by these five points and note down what are the features or looks that will benefit both the living room and your family to bring home the ideal carpet.