Finding the Best Design Cushion Covers for You

Design Cushion Covers -: A home is a place where we all find comfort. It reflects shades of its owner’s personality. For that, everyone wants their house to look elegant, unique and give it an energetic vibe. We usually buy expensive furniture and accessories to decorate our house. Whether it can be the sofa in the drawing-room or the bedsheet in the bedroom. We want everything to be perfect. However, the only furniture can not give your house an elegant look. Everything should be perfect, including curtains, pillows, cushions, and accessories in the house. Everything should match and give the same vibe. Everything has its importance, for example- if you buy a new sofa and the cushion covers on it are odd, it will spoil the look of your room. Cushion covers give a finishing touch to home décor.

Nowadays, it’s a trend to design cushion covers. There are hundreds of cushion cover designs in the market, from 3D print to handwoven cushion covers. They are a humble homeware accessory that gives your place a cute vibe and makes it look beautiful. Cushion covers add texture and colour to the room. However, before buying cushions, you need to ensure which design is suitable for your house. Here, we have gathered some information to help you choose the right cushion cover for your house.

The right colour of the cushion cover

Before buying the cushion covers, you should always analyze the room colours. Which is an important part of the room décor, go through the colour of the curtains, furniture, and rugs. After reviewing all of this, make sure to buy the covers with the same colour family. Going with a good colour combination will always help to tie your room. If you do not choose the right colour, your room will look messy, and everything will seem like fighting for attention.

Shape and size of the cushion

If you want to give your room a modern look, always go with different shapes and sizes of cushions. Mix them according to your will blend them to achieve the look you want. Choose big cushions for a big couch and small ones for a small accent chair or small couch.

The fabric of the cushion cover

If you want to add the perfect texture to your room, always choose the cushion covers wisely. You can add linen, jacquard, and velvet covers to give your house a beautiful texture. But if you want your room to look graceful, always add polyester and cotton.

Different types of cushion covers-:

3D print covers

Nowadays, 3D print is in trend. Whether it is a movie or clothes, people love 3D colours. 3D print cushion covers are also available in the market. The demand for 3D covers has been increased these days. These covers give a new modern look to your room, and more importantly, they are affordable. You can get these covers for under 300-500 rupees.

Leather covers 

Yes, you read it right, leather cushion covers. Leather has made its entry in cushion covers. These new covers will give your house a new classic look. Leather covers with leather sofa will be an excellent choice for your house. The range of these covers is slightly high. You can get them in around 800-1000. If you love classic accessories, go for these covers.

Traditional or Rajasthani print covers

Rajasthani print is an evergreen fashion. These covers look beautiful, and it gives your house a warm and vintage look. They can be used in both daily use or family functions. It gives your house a little traditional look too, and they are not very costly. You can get them in around 150-300. You can also check handloom cushion covers in this category.

Wollen and handwoven cushions

Wollen cover looks beautiful in winter. They are warm and soft. Nowadays, you can find handwoven covers in the market. It will look like you have made them by yourself, and they are fluffy and cute. The range of these covers starts from 1000 and above.


I hope the above tips will be helpful to you to give your room a coordinated and well-design look. Cushions with design cushion covers always make your space more comfortable and cosy. You will find different designs in cushions. Choose whatever design you need according to your favourite theme. Make your house a beautiful place to live.