Protecting your Home Furnishing Carpet from Furniture

With iRugged carpets adding grandeur to the look of your flooring, you’d definitely not want to cause harm to your expensively bought and cherished rugs with overlaying furniture and their humongous weight as a whole. But certain things are inevitable, the same applies to carpet indents.

As annoying as the thought of tackling a carpet indent might appear, it is similarly troublesome to get rid of.

But, what could serve as a savior is the saying- ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. Its application to the carpet-care concept might seem bizarre but this will start to make sense once you proceed reading further.

Living Room Rugs, Lifting your sofa and tables after months only to find a disappointingly devastating dent on a carpet you had thought of using for long, indeed feels difficult to get away with. But if you follow the below-discussed tips to protect your home furnishing carpets from furniture, you can easily avoid the nuisance.

Change the location of your furniture from time-to-time

The simplest hack to avoid carpet dents is to keep displacing your furniture by inches on a regular basis. Stubborn dents are caused when your furniture’s legs are made to sit in one place for months.

Though it is not possible to change the layout of your furniture every now and then, intermittent shifting can do the needful for the job.

Avoid dragging your furniture

Don’t act lousy when shifting furniture. Often, it is seen, people drag sofas and chairs over carpets while avoiding the extra input of efforts in shifting it. Doing so leaves a scarring impact on those carpets for home furnishing. Avoiding such things can help keep your rug’s backing ripple-free.

Use furniture coasters

Furniture coasters might be a smart option for you if you want to keep your furniture in the same place or if you lack the stamina or back muscles to carry it around on a daily basis. These small instruments, also known as caster cups, help to spread the pin-pointed weight of the piece of furniture uniformly through the carpet, thereby reducing the chances for forming of carpet dents.

Furniture coasters are easily accessible, either in-store or online shopping sites.

Never miss out on the vacuum

Carpets for home furnishing are meant to be kept clean and tidy throughout their use. Regular vacuuming can help prevent the forming of carpet dents by large.

With embedded dirt and dust particles, your carpet becomes sensitively prone to damage every time you walk on it or past it. As a result of which, the carpet loses its ability to spring back into its original shape or texture, leading to the flattened and dented carpet.

Regular cleaning with vacuum ensures the removal of sunken dirt from the carpet. Hence, lengthening its life and also keeping out the issues of developing unwanted dents.

Too late to repair? Consult a carpet expert.

Yes, carpet experts do exist! Most Carpet Manufacturers in India have an appointed carpet care expert to assist buyers and customers in providing them with some unmatchable tips and hacks for preventing irreparable damages to carpets like starkly conspicuous dents, flattened carpets fur spots, heavily stained areas, and distorted threading or shape.


With the aforementioned tips for the protection of your Carpets for Home Furnishing, it is now believed that you will be relieved of your stress for evading the stubborn plight of carpet dents and injuries.

To know more about carpet and rug care, visit the iRugged website where we have curated practical and effective rug-care tips for you to use and make the most out of your expenses.