Choose the Right-Hand Knotted Rug for Your Home Décor

Handmade rugs are works of art created by artists who have been practicing this ancient art form for decades and passing it down through the ages.

You will come across several rug kinds or weaving processes when hunting for the ideal handmade rugs for your house, and hand-knotted rugs are one of them. One of the best additions you can make to your home is a hand-knotted rug.

What is a Hand Knotted Rug?

These types of rugs are created by the most talented carpet weavers utilizing traditional methods, one knot at a time. High-quality hand-woven rugs are works of art that you may walk on.

hand-knotted area rug is distinctive and is woven on a loom one knot at a time with materials including cotton, wool, bamboo silk, and pure silk.

The number of knots per square inch at the back of these carpets, which have a flatter pile, determines their quality. A rug is thought to be higher quality if it has more knots per square inch.

Depending on the type of design, making a hand-knotted carpet might take anywhere from six to 10 months. Before taking on its final form, a hand-knotted rug must go through 15 or more finishing procedures.

Tips To Choose The Right Hand-Knotted Rugs

  • Size Of the Rug – The size of the rug will depend on the room’s dimensions and available space. It is preferable to use a measuring tape to take precise measurements of the area where the mats will be placed rather than estimating their size.

Once your rug’s size has been determined, you can easily select it from various standard sizes or have it custom-made for your requirements.

  • Colour Of the Rug –Choosing the appropriate color implies complete mental peace since colors play a significant part in our daily lives and home décor.

A simple flash of shade provided by handmade rugs can transform a space into a stunning focal point. For instance, a single-toned area rug will pop against a room’s generally neutral color scheme and hardwood flooring.

Don’t be afraid of colors; choose a shade that complements your present décor or color theme. To enhance the space, choose colors that are vibrant and fun. Handmade rugs are available in all types of stains.

  • Theme Of the Rug –Even with handmade rugs, it’s essential to consider the theme. The type of hand-knotted rug needed depends on whether it is for the bedroom, dining, living, or kids’ rooms.

Choose a classic rug if your decor and furnishings are traditional. If modern, choose from contemporary rugs or current rug patterns. More designs are also available with a knotted style that may give your space a pleasant atmosphere.

Choose from a kid’s theme-based rug for a child’s room. Both children and homeowners adore the playful designs. All ages and uses are suitable for knotted rugs.

The most creative and distinctive piece of art is a hand-knotted rug. It is produced by trained craftspeople who spend months weaving the rug one knot at a time on a loom. Depending on the size and complexity of the pattern, a typical handmade rug might contain up to two million knots.

Its weavers have had years of training in a skill that is handed down from one generation to the next. If you are looking for the best hand-knotted rugs, look no more. Rugged provides you with the best quality hand-knotted carpets at affordable prices.