Custom Personalized Bean Bags: The Best Gifts for Kids

Good seating is all about design, functionality, comfort and style. Bean bags are not only comfortable and ergonomic and loved by kids and adults alike, but they are affordable too. There is more to a beans bag than uniquely crafted and colourful covers. Bean bags can make a space look contemporary and trendy. Use it for studying, relaxing, watching TV, doing office work or even catching a nap.

Bean bags are lightweight, and you can carry them around easily. You can put it in the living room, or child’s room, your entertainment room or even the balcony. You can also match the colour of the wall of the room with the bean bag.

Durability, low maintenance cost and mobility are the biggest advantages of bean bags. Bean bags are available in all shapes and sizes, from small for kids, extra-large for adults and double extra-large.

The bean bag is made of fabric or other soft material, while it is filled with typically thermocol, expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP). EPP foam is strong and durable. When you press and release it, it returns to its original form and shape.


A Personalized Bean Bags

To blend the bean bag with the theme of your house, or for gifting it to your kids, you can opt for personalized bean bags. Personalized Bean bags come in popular designs including, cars, football, lip, palm, banana, dolphin, zebra stripes and so on. The price of bean bags starts at around Rs 800 and goes up to Rs 10,000.

Personalised bean bags are great for kids and young children. They are always a real hit. Small kids love accessories with cartoon prints or cute pictures on them, they will love bean bags with the same designs. Older kids prefer having their nickname or gaming tag on their bean bags.

Designer personalized kids bean bags are perfect room accessories for kids rooms. Kids love Cosy, stylish, fun and portable accessories. You can gift personalized bean bags to your child with their photo, name or their favourite designs on it and colours.


Tips to consider when buying bean bags

  1. Choose a bean bag size depending on the child’s size and age.
  2. Always buy a good quality bean bag, so it lasts a few years.
  3. Opt for size and shape, according to the size of the room.
  4. One can choose a bean bag made of leather, cotton, faux suede, vinyl or denim.
  5. Synthetic fabric is more durable and easier to clean.
  6. Choose bean bags with detachable liners for kids’ rooms.
  7. In addition to the design, make sure you check other ergonomic factors, such as the depth of the seat, the compression of the bean bag, etc.
  8. Sit back and check that you can rest easy before buying it.
  9. Bean bags with a pear-shaped design, provide better support in the long-form.
  10. Check if the bean bag is properly filled or not, and make sure you check there are no openings where the beans could spill out.

Some bean bags have a zipper that helps to replace the beans when needed.


Different patterns and designs for personalized bean bags for kids

Fun patterns

You can choose different fun patterns like polka dots, x and o prints. There are a handful of unique designs for bean bags. You can even choose bean bags with solid colours too.


There are many other options for a perfect bean bag for your kid. Bean bags come in shapes of vehicles from rockets to construction trucks, cars and even ships.


Choose a giant basketball or football bean bag for your child, so he can dream of becoming a sportsperson.

There are many options for personalized bean bags for girls. You can choose a castle bean bag, for your princess a unicorn and many others.