When Is The Right Time To Replace Your Carpets And Rugs?

Hand-tufted carpets are a piece of home accessory that adds to the existing vibe and aesthetic of your house. Your choice of carpet and its design is reflective of your personality and by far adds to the luxury of the house. It is a well-known fact that carpets are pieces of work that tend to last for a long time, but there are times when they might need a replacement. But how long does a carpet generally last? As Hand-Tufted Carpet Manufacturers state, this is a quintessential question that pops in most user’s minds. You ought to have a rough idea as to how long is a carpet supposed to last, and what are the potential signs to be checked upon if a replacement on the same needs to be carried out.

How frequently should carpets be replaced?

A normal carpet tends to last for over 15 years and talking in a range of figures, it can vary anywhere between 5-15 years before a replacement is supposed to be carried out. If you are active enough to take good care of your carpets by regularly cleaning them, and also live in a place where there is less frequent foot traffic, your carpet might last for around 15 years. On the contrary, residential carpet manufacturers suggest that if your house consists of small kids and toddlers, and also intakes frequent visits from guests and relatives, your carpet might be on the verge of finding a replacement in around 5 years or so.

5 signs as to when Should You replace Carpets and Rugs?

  1. Visible stains that are way hard to get rid of- Your carpet might experience a wide variety of stains, some of which might have been easy to remove and wash off, but there is still exists a few that are quite hard to remove altogether. It gives your carpet rather a repulsive look and thus demands to be replaced.
  2. You are experiencing allergic symptoms- Carpets serve the function of magnets for dust particles, dirt, pet danders, and other allergy-causing germs. If you notice your family members getting sick with a cough, cold, and other allergic symptoms quite often, your carpet might be the reason behind it. Hence, you should look into finding a replacement for your current hand-knotted rug immediately so that there is no worsening of familial health conditions.
  3. Carpet stinks massively-If your carpet reeks of certain smells which are difficult to bear with, regardless of how many cleaning sessions you have had with your carpet, it might be a vivid sign of it demanding to be replaced completely. The smell could be either due to the spills your carpet has suffered over the years of its usage or might be due to the growth of molds and mildew beneath, that is the carpet padding.
  4. Padding has deteriorated- A padding serves the function of providing robust insulation for the floor and also as a noise cancellation add-on. With timely wear and tear it is possible for the padding to undergo weathering too. If you start to notice wrinkle and crinkling sound beneath your feet whenever you walk, take it as a sign to replace your carpet.
  5. It’s been a long time with your carpet- Well yes, it has been with you for quite a good amount of time and has thus gotten old and is now starting to look dull and faded with its padding disintegrated. If the carpet’s appearance is making your room look dingy overall, it is high time you should find its replacement and shift it to your storeroom or recycle plant.

Ways of Taking Better Care of Carpets to Replace Less Frequently

Carpets are not the kind of household items that can be bought frequently and be replaced anytime. Hence, it makes it necessary for the carpet owner to take good care of their carpets to reduce the replacement frequency overall. Following are some tips to take their good care as suggested by Hand-Tufted Carpets Manufacturers:

  • Vacuum weekly on a regular basis.
  • Rotate your rug periodically to ensure they are evenly wearing out.
  • Do not place your carpet rugs near heavy pieces of furniture.
  • Attempt to invest in buying a rug pad as it helps to extend the life of your hand-knotted carpet altogether.